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School Information

At the Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library, we are committed to working with local schools to promote books, reading and libraries. Youth Services staff members are available to Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District schools for classroom visits, library tours, book talks, and more. A minimum of one-week advance notice is required for all school services, except Institutional Cards.

Kindergarten Visit

Librarians will come to your school to give an introduction of the public library to kindergarteners. We will go over how to get a library card, what a librarian does, how the library works, how to take care of library books and more. The Kindergarten Visit can also be done at the library, and will include a tour.

Special Class Assignments

We are happy to pull books for upcoming assignments, so they are readily available for you or your students. Books to be reserved from other libraries will require more than one-weeks’ notice.

Class Presentations

We have specially created presentations on two subjects- How to Conduct Internet Research and Ella Johnson Library Resources. We can come to your school to give either presentation (or both). Presentations can also be done at the library and will include a tour.

Library Tours

We are happy to host students for a tour of the library. Tours can be customized to fit your needs and can include a scavenger hunt, storytime, and other activities.

Classroom Visit

We offer book talks for older students and storytimes for younger students. With a book talk, we will introduce students to a variety of new and noteworthy books across a variety of genres, including nonfiction. A classroom storytime will include books and activities appropriate for the requesting grade.

Library Display

We can setup a table at your open houses, book fairs, and family night events to provide information on library resources.

Institutional Card

Cards are available to schools for teachers to use, as long as one school representative is designated as the contact person for the card, typically the principal or school librarian. Please call the library for more information on this service.